Food Scale

The design and features of the Dux Food Scale were driven by the numerous interviews and observations of how users react to different cookware. 

Ava Billimorea

Baking Savant

I need thousands of timers for my baking!

Suyash Dhuri

Personal Trainer

I want the tracking to be as fast as possible without having to push a bunch of buttons!

Shreya Shenai

Industrial Designer and Chef

I do not want the scale to stand out like a sore thumb!

Sleek Design

The Dux food scale was designed giving attention to every tiny detail. Resembling a plate, it fits right in with the kitchen decor. It comes in many finishes like mahogany wood, ash wood or a very elegant textured rubberized plastic.

Independent Timers

This feature was decide based on the interviews we conducted. Everyone needs timers while cooking and phone isn't always around. The Dux Food scale comes with dedicated timers which can be operated independent of each other. To set a timer just rotate the center dial and press the dial to start/pause.

Clean Interface

As the Dux food scale sends all the data to the mobile device the interface on the scale is kept very simple and just displays the weight of the item measured. 








1. 7 Segment Display

2. LED Diffuser

3. Clickwheel

4. Adafruit Neopixel Ring 12

5. Potentiometer with Switch

6. particle Argon (Wifi + Bluetooth)

7. Thin Film Pressure Sensor

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