Body Scale

Simplicity and a sleek design were the two key design aspects for the form of the Dux body scale. The unique "No number" interface of showing progress was chosen to reduce anxiety caused by watching the numerical values of weight.


Visual Designer

Seeing numbers is too daunting for me.

Suyash Dhuri

Personal Trainer

I want a detailed list of different physiological data of my body.

Sleek New Design

The Dux body scale boasts a simplistic yet aesthetic design. The device has four stainless steal contact pads for measuring various physiological data points. The size of the pads affords the direction in which the scale is supposed to be used.

Numberless Display

Through numerous research inferences we decided that we will not display the absolute value of a person's weight on the scale. This is linked to increasing anxiety amongst the users. Instead we are going for a very subtle way of showing a person's progress in their weight loss journey. Green LED glow means you are getting closer to your goal and Red means you are going further from your goal.

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