Introducing Dux

Dux is an ecosystem of a food scale, a body scale, and a beautiful integrated mobile interface. "Dux" means a guide in Latin. Just as the name suggests this ecosystem of devices acts as a guide for the user to follow a healthy lifestyle. Dux is designed to be deeply embedded with the user's everyday life.


The Need

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Problem Statement

There are many body and food scales in the market. But there are none that integrate all the data into a seamless interface. Having to enter data into different applications for each device is a barrier. User interfaces of health applications do not make the process fun and exciting.


Food Scale

A sleek and modern looking food scale which adorns your kitchen counter and makes fitness fun


Body Scale

An interactive body scale which removes the anxiety of numbers.

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Mobile App

A beautiful and immersive mobile application that engages using a game-based character approach to fitness.

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